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         I certify that I have completed the 2013 Medicare Part D Annual Certification Program for Marketing Agents.  I agree to contact either the organization with which I am contracted or the SilverScript Medicare Part D Compliance Officer should I need clarification about any of the material or my obligations.

         I understand and agree that it is my obligation to report any behavior that I believe, in good faith, to be non-compliant with CMS Marketing Guidelines, or non-compliant with any regulation or government mandate as it relates to the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit.

         I have been informed that I can contact the SilverScript Medicare Part D Compliance Officer, or call the toll-free CVS Caremark Ethics Line for guidance or to report a concern.

         I certify that I do not have a financial, familial or other relationship that has, or appears to have, the effect of influencing or compromising my decisions or behavior as it relates to my contract to market SilverScript products.

         If I am a licensed agent, I have met all state license requirements for marketing SilverScript plan offerings, including appropriate reciprocity, and my license remains in good standing with each state in which I hold a license or reciprocity agreement.